Founded in October 2017 as part of a quest to improve the general health and wellbeing of our communities and neighbourhoods, we set out to revolutionise Australia’s outdoor fitness scene with the construction and installation of state of the art community outdoor gym and street workout parks with lasting health, social and economic benefits.




Spartan Parks is here to design and build the most talked about community outdoor gyms and street workout parks in the country. Period.


We’re here to play our part in creating, enabling and inspiring all members of your community to lead a healthy lifestyle, and become stronger, more resilient and more connected with one another in the process.


We’re also here to pay it forward. At the completion of each project, we make a contribution to one of our partner not for profit organisations towards helping locally disadvantaged youth charter a positive path in life.


Place Making

We are passionate about creating active and inclusive outdoor spaces that facilitate a vibrant atmosphere in your community and leave a lasting legacy on the health, happiness and wellbeing of its individuals.

End User Design

All our parks and stations are designed in consultation with the end users. This approach ensures our finished product gets the maximum possible use and exposure, which further contributes to Place Making.


Evidence tells us there’s a lot more to our parks than what meets the eye. The physical and mental health outcomes, as well as the social and economic are not always obvious, until they are felt.

High Quality Construction

We pride ourselves on the use of high quality products and materials during construction. We do not cut corners on quality. Everything we do from start to finish is the best. Every project is our signature.

Giving Back

As a thank you to our clients for choosing us, we make sure to donate generously to one of our partner not for profit organisations towards helping disadvantaged youth charter a positive path in life.

Data Driven

We believe in finding innovative solutions to collect data on the usage of community sports infrastructure assets such as those we supply and install, so that you have the evidence to justify your current and future investments.

We are the exclusive distributor of RVL13 products in Australia.